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Where can I buy baskets Wholesale for my gift basket business ?

The No. one question you are asking yourself when you start your gift basket business is "Where can I buy wholesale baskets to make gift baskets, and then which wholesaler has the best price "Lowest prices" on wholesale gift baskets and gift basket supplies?

Well if you are reading this article then you have just found the answers.

At www.apexelegance.com you can find all you need to start your gift basket business and all at the lowest price guaranteed!!!

Products you're going to need to start your gift basket business includes:

  • The basket or container that would serve as a base,

Why did I highlight the Gourmet Food Products?

You should always try and find unique gourmet food products that are designed for gifting, great design, great taste and your customer can't find at the local grocery store!! Gourmet Food products will look much nicer and appealing in a gift basket than a regular grocery store items, that what makes a Gourmet Gift Basket!!!

Grocery store products often are bulky, also your cost will be lower when you shop at the wholesale level.

Even if you are making a sample basket and you are buying only ONE piece of each item, at Apex Elegance you will pay the wholesale price as if you where to buy a full case. (Cash & Carry)

Let's say you need to make a sample gift basket for a client, or got your first order of 5 gift baskets, That's Great!!! Now you need to buy 5 baskets and 5 of each gourmet food item to go in it. At Apex Elegance, We believe that you should always get the lowest wholesale price whether you buy one sample or 5 pieces or case size.

For your convenience, our Cash & Carry is open 6 Days a week and for the Christmas rush we will be open on Sundays from 10.00am to 3.00pm.

Apex Elegance is a Canadian Wholesaler - Distributors, our distribution facility located in the heart of Mississauga, Greater Toronto area, allows us to be very competitive and gives us the ability to ship nationwide.

A one stop shop for all your gift basket needs!!

*The advantages of a one stop shopping is great as you can save a lot on shipping charges and also save time specially with our Lowest Price Guarantee!!!


Happy Gift Basket Making & We Wish You A Prosperous Season.

Don't hesitate to Email us for any questions or inquires.