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Prep Time: 15 minutes

Yields: 8 Servings

43 Calories per serving (3 TBPS)

8oz Fat Free cream cheese
4 oz Fat Free Greek yoghurt
1/2oz sundried tomato
2 TBPS tomato paste
1 TBPS minced garlic

Mince the sun dried tomatoes then

combine all ingredients into a food

processor or blender and mix on Hiuntil





Creamy Bruschetta Dip Recipe


John Macy's

Wine Pairing

When you are making a wine gift basket and have a nice bottle of wine, why not compliment your basket with on of our favorite John Wm. Macy’s snack to go with it.  But which CheeseStick or CheeseCrisp best suits your choice of wine? 

Follow this link to find out John Wm. Macy’s recommendations of various wines to find the best fit.



Some wines are bold, others light, some woody and others fruity, but each has a recommended pairing.  This guide is intended to offer our suggestions, but don’t let it limit your choices.  Each palate is different.  Planning a cocktail party or get together?  We have added some canapé recipes to the page.