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Wholesale gift basket accessories - Apex Elegance Wholesale Gourmet Food Supplies distributors.

We are currently working on our 2014 Gourmet food collection.

As always we will be offering you the best price guaranteed on both gourmet food and containers thru out our store.

Apex Elegance Inc. Importers & wholesalers of willow baskets, Gift basket accessories and distributors for a great selection of gourmet food supplies.

Apex Elegance has become one of the leading wholesalers / Distributors of Baskets, Gift basket supplies & gourmet food products in Canada. We have been serving the gift basket industry with a large selection of high quality and unique gourmet food products, Baskets & Containers since 2006.

Our valued customer base stretches from Mississauga, Ontario to Toronto, Halifax, Ottawa, Calgary, Vancouver, Manitoba, Alberta, Saskatchewan, British Columbia, Newfoundland & Labrador, New-Brunswick, Nova Scotia,Ontario & PEI...

We take pride in offering excellent customer service and presenting unique and elegant products at the lowest prices*.

Please browse our website visit our Cash & Cary warehouse or Email/call us if you have any inquiries about our products.

We look forward to serving you.

In addition to wholesale baskets, containers, and gourmet foods distribution, we carry all other gift basket accessories: Cellophane rolls & bags, ribbons, bows, Shredded paper and GlueDots at the lowest prices - GUARANTEED*. If you require a certain cellophane pattern or size, please inquire.

Name Brand and many other unique Gourmet / specialty food supplies, at unbeatable prices*. Please view our current selection in our Cash & Carry warehouse, or on our website. We are continuously expanding our selection, and offering unique items year after year. Our 2014 Gourmt food collection will be available Aug 2014.

Don’t miss out!

*Our Guarantee To You:

Your complete satisfaction is guaranteed with every item we sell. Every effort has been put to bring you the lowest price possible, We will match any local Wholesale supplier's price on Gourmet foods & Packaging suppliles.

Why buy from us?

  • No case minimums on Cash & Carry.
  • Buy as many as you need at the lowest price – guaranteed.
  • For shipped orders, 1 case minimum per item is required. Looking for 1 pc or 500, we will get you your order in minimum time, if not already in stock.
  • No re-packing charges.
  • No handling charges, small order fees, or shipping fees.
  • No substitutions without customer approval.
  • Place your order by email, phone, fax or in person. Prices are the same.
  • Need our help or suggestions? we’re here to help.
  • Shipping with most economical ground service carriers, or your choice of alternative carriers.

And finally!!

  • We do not compete with our customers on ready made Gift baskets.


We thank you for your continues business and wish you a prosperous season.


Apex Elegance Team.


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